About ServerAvatar!

What the Hell is it?

ServerAvatar is Powerful, Light and Fast VPS Management System. It's Free for Basic use and with ServerAvatar, you can Manage your Un-Managed VPS Provided by Companies like Digitalocean, Linode and Others.

Using ServerAvatar, You can Configure/Optimize your Server in Muinutes. Once Connected and Configured, You can Add as many domains as you want on Server, You can Install The Most Popular Content Management System Wordpress in Few Clicks, Get Full Access to PHPMyAdmin, Add/Manage Databases, etc from Control Panel Provided by ServerAvatar!

How is it Beneficial to You? Hey Buddy, It takes too much time to Configure and Optimize the Un-managed Server! It is because, You have to work on Command Line! It's not easy to work on Command Line. It is because you will face Hundreds on errors!

Not only It will Complete Operations with 20x More Speed but I guarantee you will forget the old Command Line Style to Manage Servers!

How it all Started?

I got the Idea of ServerAvatar in November-December of 2015 and Started working on ServerAvatar with $4200 Funds in January 2016. I with my team(In 2016 I used to have Team) Started working on it. I didn't like the work done by Others so I started again from Scratch on May 10 2016 and Launched it on 2nd of July, 2016.

Currently, I work Alone on ServerAvatar. Currently, I am putting Funds from my Pocket in ServerAvatar. I(Adarsh Sojitra) code ServerAvatar by Myself and Provide Support(To Users, You guys will get real quick Replies after 26 January and that's my Promise!).

Now, I am working on New Features and Stability as well as More Security. Will Keep working to make it one of the best Control Panels for Ubuntu and Debian Servers!


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